Rescue animals with $SaveAnimal Token

We speak for the ones without a voice!

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Motivation & Ideology

We want to continuously help the ecosystem to recover while also providing a valuable asset to our holders. Every single day a new species is driven closer to extinction by the abusive and unsustainable use of natural resources. Most of humanity claims that we have lost our way. Let us prove them wrong! We are still in it for the good and the just cause! We are a fast-growing team of Crypto enthusiasts and incredibly talented Individuals building a strong community to make a change in this world.

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10% Tax on Transactions


Raised for charity in total




Market Cap


Phase 1 complete
Healthy $SaveAnimal Eco-System Development
  • ✅ Developed a taxation concept for a sustainable lifecycle of $SaveAnimal 
  • ✅ Created and developed our website saveanimal.io
  • ✅ Deployed a concept for a healthy ecosystem across $SaveAnimal
Phase 2 complete
Presales and Initial Marketing
  • ✅ Planned the presale strategy for $SaveAnimal
  • ✅ Prepared marketing campaigns with a focus on community interaction and growth on Telegram
  • ✅ Extensionded to other social media channels (Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitch)
  • ✅ Launched presale on dxsale.app
Phase 3 complete
Token Launch
  • ✅ Publishined the whitepaper and additional information
  • ✅ Community management via Telegram and Discord including daily ‘ask-me-anything
  • ✅ Community events (e.g., competition for best advertising video, results based on community survey)
  • ✅ Launched $SaveAnimal
Phase 4 in progress
Eco-System Growth and Token-Listings
  • Consistent execution of marketing campaigns
  • Increased community building including ‘HODL Awards’
  • ✅ Applied for multiple major exchanges to boost $SaveAnimal (e.g., CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap)
  • Carry-out several audits by well-known specialists
  • ✅ Twitch partnership with regular streams
  • Youtube presence with promotional and educational videos
Phase 5
Global Partnerships and Charities
  • Building trust through long-term relationships with global partners and charity supporting animal life and the natural environment
  • Charity campaigns based on community input
Phase 6
Long-term vision
  • Building a Non-Fungible Token marketplace for endangered animals
  • Ease the process of background checking charities for donators by first-hand visits and contributions.
  • Help charities with handling the process of donations through cryptocurrencies
  • Launch of the charity "SaveAnimal Foundation" 
  • t.b.a.

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