It is just amazing what this community has been doing so far and will do in the future!

Donation from 28.05.2021:

Donation confirmation is found here: HSI

Donation VOD: Available until 11.06.2021

Donation from 14.05.2021:

Donation confirmation is found here: RainforestFoundationUS

Donations from 06.05.2021:

Donation confirmations are found here: RainforestFoundationUSCoolearth

All donations are broadcasted live on Twitch weekly at: Saveanimaltoken

Fourth Donation of $4.880 to – HSI International

The fourth donation of $4.880 went to HSI Bianca Fischer their Senior Fundraising Director, Martina Pluda their Italian Director and Iris Ho their Director of Wildlife Policy came on stream to talk about trophy hunting and wildlife preservation. 

HSI is one of the biggest charities when it comes to animal protection worldwide, they work on various projects to end trophy hunting, product testing on animals, fur trade and much more. On this donation stream we mainly talked about trophy hunting and how to best fight it. 


Third Donation of $13.000 to – Rainforest Foundation US

The third donation of 13.000$ went to Rainforest Foundation US their communications representative Kim came on the stream to talk about their organization and how they use crypto to improve their work.

The main topics that were covered onstream are: Indigenous people and their importance for the rainforest, the urgency of saving the rainforest, how Rainforest Foundation US uses new technologies to help fight deforestation and why the right usage of crypto and blockchain technology can support the work of charities greatly.


Second Donation of $3000 to – Rainforest Foundation US

The second donation of 3000$ went to Rainforest Foundation US which is another incredible charity with a great concept.

Their goal is to prevent the deforestation of the rainforest which is important for the wildlife as well as the ecosystem. Meanwhile, the climate change slows down significantly! This is achieved by territorial monitoring, land management and directly supporting organizations of indigenous people.


First Donation of $3000 to – Coolearth

Within the first day of the launch we have been able to raise 6000$ for charities which is just unbelievable.

One of the charities we have selected is Coolearth. They focus on preserving the rainforest by working with local communities and supporting various methods to help prevent deforestation.

This first donation is only the beginning of something much bigger and we are very excited about the cooperation with many more charities in the future!